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Zero sum game?

For people in the market for a car, an ad on YouTube for Massachusetts-based Courtesy Auto Group featured some eye-catching numbers:  “Get behind the wheel of the new 2013 Kia Sorento, now lease priced for $239 a month with zero down, or sale priced at $20,980.”  To emphasize the point, the visual on the screen highlighted in bold letters:

with $0 down

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Alcohol advertising, ad placement, and self-regulation

If you’re a stats fan – the kind that can recalculate a pitcher’s ERA before the runner slides across the plate – the release of the FTC’s fourth major study on the alcohol industry offers a wealth of empirical data for your consideration.  Based on information submitted by 14 companies in response to FTC Special Orders, the study focuses on alcohol advertising and industry efforts to reduce marketing to underage audiences. 

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Judge rules on reach of FTC Act

When the FTC sued payday lender AMG Services in 2012, the complaint charged the defendants with a host of deceptive and unfair practices aimed at consumers already struggling to make ends meet.  Undisclosed fees and debt collection calls that threatened arrest were just a few of the allegations.  The defendants countered with an interesting defense:  that their affiliation with American Indian tribes rendered them beyond the reach of the FTC Act.  A U.S.

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Some good news about funerals

Good news?  About funerals?  That’s not a headline you read every day.  But the results of the FTC’s latest undercover inspections to check if funeral homes are complying with the Funeral Rule yielded some positive results – and sounded cautionary notes for some members of the industry.

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Keeping up with the Jonesboros

“A word to the wise should be sufficient.”  We’re not sure who first coined that proverb.  Aesop?  King Solomon?  Ben Franklin?  But whoever it was, if he's in the market for a used car in Arkansas, here’s news he might want to consider.

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