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Device Squad: The story behind the FTC's first case against a mobile device maker

HTC America is a leading manufacturer of smartphones and tablets using the Android, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone operating systems.  The company’s motto is “quietly brilliant.”  But based on an FTC lawsuit challenging the company's security practices, consumers might be surprised to find out their devices have also been “quietly vulnerable.”  To settle the case — the FTC’s first against a device manufacturer — HTC has agreed to a far-reaching settlement that imposes

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Shell game?

“Payment processing” used to involve standing in the checkout line and handing the cashier your pennies.  (Remember checkout lines?  Remember cashiers?  Remember pennies?)  In a lawsuit filed in federal court, the FTC alleges that Ideal Financial Solutions and more than a dozen individual and corporate defendants used an “intricate web of concealment” to game the payment processing system in a way that resulted in more than $25 million in unauthorized credit card charges and bank account

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Gray matters

When even the #1 movie at the box office is called “Identity Thief,” it’s a topic at the top of everyone’s list.  If you’re in the financial or healthcare sector — or just want to stay up on an emerging issue — find out more about an FTC initiative focused on how identity theft affects a particular segment of your community.

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How the FTC's settlement will change Four Loko's label and packaging

A final FTC order will lead to big changes in the marketing of the Four Loko malt beverage and offers insights into the notice-and-comment process for all proposed administrative settlements.

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Reporting on credit reports

If you’re in the financial field, chances are you’re familiar with the FACT Act (sometimes called FACTA by friends and family).  It’s the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, which amended portions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Research just released by the FTC puts the word “accurate” under the microscope.

Some factoids of interest from the Report to Congress.

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