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Debt-icated to protecting consumers

Never underestimate the creativity of marketers attempting to separate cash-strapped consumers from their last dollar.  And never underestimate the FTC’s resolve to protect people from deception in tough economic times.  Those are just two points to take from recent FTC law enforcement actions.

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Following through

Ask any golfer.  How you address the ball matters, but don’t underestimate the importance of the follow-through.  In law enforcement, too, follow-through can be key.  A recent development in the FTC’s action involving Neil Wardle illustrates that point.

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Two little words

Unless you’re playing Scrabble and use QI or ZA on a triple letter square, two-letter words usually don’t count for much.  A consumer perception study released by the FTC suggests that two common two-letter words often used in ads may not have the effect of qualifying product claims that some marketers and copywriters think they have.  Any guess what those words are?

Up to.

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A golden opportunity

Square cut or pear shape,
These rocks don’t lose their shape.

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FTC lodges complaint against Wyndham

The FTC's law enforcement action against hotel company Wyndham Worldwide Corporation and three of its subsidiaries alleges that a series of security breaches — three within two years — resulted in fraudulent charges, millions of dollars in fraud loss, and the export of hundreds of thousands of people's account information to an Internet domain address registered in Russia.  According to the lawsuit, a number of the defendants' practices, taken together, unreasonably and unnecessarily exposed consumers' pe

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