Hey Rachel from Cardholder Services

Let’s cut to the chase, Girlfriend.  You’re one annoying you-know-what.  And according to multiple lawsuits filed by the FTC, those robocalls you’re placing are big-time illegal.

We’ve got your number, Honey.  Your name isn’t Rachel.  You’re not affiliated with our credit card company.  And you can’t lower our interest rates to zero.  What you’re really up to is getting your hands on our credit card so you can bill us hundreds, maybe even thousands, for deceptively advertised “services” that don’t stand much of a chance of reducing our bills. In some cases, the FTC says you charged people even when they told you no dice.  Other times you billed them without bothering to disclose the hefty fees.  All this you did to people already struggling to make ends meet.

We tried to tell you nicely to quit calling, but you just didn’t take no — or the Telemarketing Sales Rule’s ban on robocalls like yours — for an answer.  So you took things to a new low, monkeying with Caller ID so we can’t even screen out your incessant calls.

So here’s the 411, Rachel.  Now that the FTC has filed lawsuits against a bunch of companies the agency says are behind your antics — Treasure Your Success, Ambrosia Web Design, A+ Financial Center, The Green Savers, and Key One Solutions — we’re hanging up on you.  And we’re not alone.  We’re working with law enforcement partners as part of a federal-state crackdown on illegal robocalls pitching deceptive credit card interest rate reduction schemes.

Thanks to temporary restraining orders issued by federal courts in Florida and Arizona, it’s TTFN, Rachel.  But we’ll continue the fight until it’s TTFEver.

Buh-bye.  (click)



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I get 4-5 calls per day on my cell phone. It really infuriates me

Yes, they call me several times a week and now the calls are starting to come in on my cellphone. If it is my final call like they say shouldn't they not be calling me anymore. the other day when they called I punched in the number 1 and when they answered I literally screamed at the top of my lungs at them.

CARD holder services are calling
me one to three times a week!

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