New URL in town is happy to welcome a sibling: — the new URL for consumer resources from the FTC, the nation’s consumer protection agency.

Why should the FTC’s consumer site matter to your business?  It’s become a catchphrase, but it’s true: An educated consumer really is your best customer.  When prospective buyers are empowered with information, satisfaction soars.  And there’s another reason:  You put in a long day on the job, but in your down time, you’re a consumer, too.

What’s different at  The site is dynamic and integrates a slew of features, including videos and games, better search results, and a blog.  The information has been streamlined to highlight actionable, practical tips about a wide range of topics — from getting your free credit reports, buying a car, and protecting your personal information all the way to evaluating claims for weight loss products, judging potential business opportunities, and dealing with those irritating, illegal robocalls.  A new Scam Alerts page features blog posts, searchable by topic, that can save you money, headaches, and time.

We hope you’ll share these resources with your customers, employees, family, and friends.  Add a link on your website.  If you write a blog, embed one of our videos.  If you have an unscheduled minute, listen and download an audio tip.  Adapt an article for an industry newsletter or post it on your social networking site.  All the tools to be part of the new consumer protection connection are here, and they’re free and easy to share.




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Helpful for the FTC’s consumers

I think it would be helpful for consumers for the FTC to be a bit more forceful in their comments on the FTC page about Residential Treatment Centers and clarify for consumers that there is NO scientific, research based data supporting residential treatment as a treatment for troubled teens, or any child. In fact, research shows RTCs are dangerous, most children are abused and neglected while in them, and have more problems when they leave, than they would have with less expensive, conventional, community based services such a family counseling and appropriate respite and mentors. I have also filed a complaint #45598753 and would appreciate contact and action to provide more factual information about research and false online advertising done by most residential treatment centers. Trying to identify a "good" residential treatment center is like finding the "best" copper bracelet for your arthritis. It's a scam, nothing more. It's just what I know, it's what the research shows. There is not a single bit of scientific research showing long term residential treatment is an effective medical treatment for troubled teens or any childhood problem, but consumers, localities and Medicaid spend millions upon millions each year on this false model of medical care. Parents and communities looking for help need to know the fact. Thank you.

I really Like This New Blog In Town!
I've Seen Many,Many Manipulative Blogs.And I Love The Concept Of The Educated Consumer Being A Happy consumer. As Well as The Reality That As A Consumer I Know How It feels To Be An Informed Internet consumer. Thanks For the Info.

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