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Debt collection company pays record-setting civil penalty

Incessant phone calls to consumers, often about accounts that weren't theirs.

Repeated autocalls to wrong numbers.

Illegal disclosures to other people that a consumer owes money.

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FUR your information

If you have clients who sell furs or fur-trimmed items, make sure they’re up to date on regulatory developments that affect their industry.

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Endorsements & Affiliate Marketing: The Legacy Learning Systems Order

Two hot topics in the advertising arena:  affiliate marketing and consumer testimonials.  The FTC’s settlement with Legacy Learning Systems touches on both of those buzzworthy issues.

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FTC says buyers strung along by deceptive endorsements for guitar DVDs

If you’ve been following recent developments about endorsements and affiliate marketing, the FTC’s settlement with Nashville-based Legacy Learning Systems and Lester Gabriel Smith — marketers of a “learn to play the guitar” DVD series – should strike a chord.

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Till Debt Due Us Part

In place since 1977, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives consumers rights in the debt collection process and sets standards for members of the industry.

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