Are you watching?

The topic is Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content? An FTC Workshop on Native Advertising — and it's on now.  There's a packed house at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington today to examine the blending of ads with news, entertainment, and other content in digital media.  If you weren't able to make it, you can still join in.  Watch the webcast from your desk. 


Looking before they leap

Most retailers and buyers approach a purchase with the best of intentions.  But let's face it: Glitch happens.  If a company sells a product with a warranty, consumers need up-front access to information about what the seller will do if things go south later.  That’s the thinking behind the FTC’s Rule about the Pre-Sale Availability of Written Warranty Terms.

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Cha-ching in the holidays at your business

Your customers are counting down the days before the holiday shopping season begins.  As your staff prepares for the retail onslaught, the FTC has tips to help ensure that Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t followed by Consumer Complaint Tuesday and Law Enforcement Wednesday.

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After the cameras stop rolling

Every so often, the FTC announces a law enforcement sweep targeting a particular kind of deceptive practice.  Sometimes there’s a press conference featuring federal agencies and state AGs.  Blue suits and official seals abound.  A typical headline:  “More Than 70 Actions Brought By FTC and Its Law Enforcement Partners.”  But do you ever wonder what happens after the cameras stop rolling?

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An environmental "multi-vitamin" for engines? FTC finds ad claim hard to swallow

Green Foot Global said its EnviroTabs fuel additive was “the world’s 1st multi-vitamin for your engine.”  A lawsuit filed by the FTC suggests that one primary nutrient in the environmental “multi-vitamin” was Vitamin D — for Deception.

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