The way the cookie crumbles

Following the ongoing discussion about behavioral advertising?  The FTC’s first online behavioral advertising case against a network advertiser offers insights into the agency's approach.

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Debt collection company pays record-setting civil penalty

Incessant phone calls to consumers, often about accounts that weren't theirs.

Repeated autocalls to wrong numbers.

Illegal disclosures to other people that a consumer owes money.

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FUR your information

If you have clients who sell furs or fur-trimmed items, make sure they’re up to date on regulatory developments that affect their industry.

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Endorsements & Affiliate Marketing: The Legacy Learning Systems Order

Two hot topics in the advertising arena:  affiliate marketing and consumer testimonials.  The FTC’s settlement with Legacy Learning Systems touches on both of those buzzworthy issues.

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FTC says buyers strung along by deceptive endorsements for guitar DVDs

If you’ve been following recent developments about endorsements and affiliate marketing, the FTC’s settlement with Nashville-based Legacy Learning Systems and Lester Gabriel Smith — marketers of a “learn to play the guitar” DVD series – should strike a chord.

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