Legal Resources

Advertising and Marketing Long-Distance Services

November 4, 1999

Forum to address the advertising and marketing of long-distance services, including dial-around services—often called "10-10" numbers—and to discuss recent trends in how these long-distance services are advertised and what principles should guide industry advertising.

Alcohol Report - 1999

September 9, 1999

1999 FTC alcohol report about the effectiveness of the alcohol industry's voluntary guidelines for advertising and marketing to underage audiences.

U.S. Perspectives on Consumer Protection in the Global Electronic Marketplace

June 8, 1999

Workshop to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on how government, industry, and consumers can work together to meet the challenge of encouraging the development of a global marketplace that offers safety, transparency, and legal certainty.

Interpretation of Rules and Guides for Electronic Media

May 14, 1999

Workshop exploring how the FTC’s rules and guides apply to electronic media, including the Internet, e-mail and CD-ROMs. The workshop expanded on a previously published Federal Register Notice.

Commerical Weight Loss Products and Programs: What Consumers Gain to Lose

October 16, 1997

Conference on the rise of obesity in the U.S. and money spent on health care and weight loss products. Discussion focused on understanding the problem and exploring ways to improve the information consumers receive about the nature of obesity and weight loss products and programs.

Rule Review: 900 Number Rule Review

June 30, 1997

Workshop to review a proposal revising the Pay-Per-Call Rule. The proposal included, among other things, new provisions to combat telephone bill cramming—unauthorized charges on consumers' phone bills.

Vehicle Buyback Disclosures

October 3, 1996

Forum on the questions and issues raised in a petition asking the FTC to look into whether vehicles bought back under state lemon laws are being resold without disclosing to subsequent purchasers that the vehicles had been bought back.

Made in USA Workshop

March 26, 1996

A national workshop to the consider consumer perception and industry compliance regarding claims that a product is "Made in USA"

Consumer Protection and the Global Information Infrastructure

April 10, 1995

Workshop to bring consumers and businesses together to address consumer privacy issues posed by the online marketplace.