Legal Resources

Texwipe Company

October 7, 1993

The Big Picture: Comprehensive Online Data Collection

December 6, 2012

An FTC workshop to explore the consumer privacy implications of comprehensive online data collection

The Effect of Consumer Testimonials and Disclosures of Ad Communication for a Dietary Supplement

September 29, 2003

Report of a study evaluating consumer perception of testimonials and disclosures

The Mobile Wireless Web, Data Services and Beyond: Emerging Technologies and Consumer Issues

December 11, 2000

Workshop examining emerging wireless Internet and data technologies and the privacy, security, and consumer protection issues they raise.

The Rebate Debate

April 27, 2007

Workshop that provided an opportunity to discuss consumers' perspectives on rebates and challenges businesses face when they offer rebates. Explored "best practices" in the offering and fulfillment of rebates.

Think All Publishing

June 11, 2008

THV Holdings LLC

March 1, 2012

Ticketmaster and

September 15, 2010

TJ Web Productions, LLC

January 30, 2007

Top Etailers' Compliance With CAN-SPAM's Opt-Out Provisions

August 1, 2005

Report on top e-tailers compliance with CAN-SPAM's opt-out provisions determined that 89 percent are honoring requests to halt future mailings.

Trudeau, Kevin

January 15, 2009