Protecting Your Business from Fraud

Protect your business from con artists who try to fool you into paying for office supplies, business directory listings, or Internet services you haven't ordered.

The Business Center Is Your Link to the Law

The Business Center is your link to the law. It gives you and your employees the tools you need to comply. Learn how you can use the free resources to enhance compliance and build your customers’ trust.

Debt Collection

If you’re in the debt collection business, it’s up to you to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Peer to Peer File Sharing

For most companies, using customer and employee information is an everyday part of doing business. If you have this type of sensitive information in your files or on your computer systems, consider the risks of file sharing software and learn what you can do to protect that sensitive information.

Complying with Do Not Call

If you market your products or services by phone - or if someone has hired you to handle their telemarketing for them - it's a good idea to know about the Do Not Call provisions of the Telemarketing Sales Rule and how to comply.

Protecting Personal Information

Safeguarding sensitive data is just plain good business. Are you taking steps to protect personal information?

How to File a Complaint

Have you spotted a scam? Or been ripped off? Complain to the Federal Trade Commission and help put the bad guys out of business.